The 1st Century Jewish Wedding


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 Become a guest and active participant in a 1st Century Jewish Wedding reinactment!


We'll have a bride, a bridegroom and their parents, all robed in realistic biblical attire.

This two-hour event is a complete 1st Century Jewish wedding ceremony and meal along with Hora (circle) dancing, lots of lively music, a time of fellowship, and a wonderful picture of Christ as the bridegroom and the Church as His bride.



It's fun for the whole family!


How to have a 1st Century Jewish Wedding  Reinactment with your church or group: In order to conduct the Wedding Celebration for your church or group, we must have at least 35 attendees. The cost  is $15.00 per person for all attendees. We will hold the event for groups smaller than 35 persons for a flat fee of $525. A mileage charge may also apply for groups more than 50 miles from Grand Rapids, MI.