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A New Testament Adventure

This course builds on our Old Testament Adventure

and helps us further understand that the


Old Testament and New Testament are in reality 


"One Story, One Book"


The course stresses that we can trust the New Testament to show us who Jesus is and God's eternal plan of Salvation


Students will again be excited and motivated to get into the Word of God and the course will build your faith.


Session 1  Introduction and Course Overview


   Session 2  Details, Details, Details


      Session 3  Trusting the New Testament


         Session 4  How Jewish Culture Helps


            Session 5  Who Wrote it, to Whom, When, How, & Why

               Session 6  Jesus, who is He?

                  Session 7 The Disciples

                     Session 8  Paul, who was he?

                        Session 9  Rule, Reign, Renewed Heaven, Renewed Earth

                           Session 10  One Story, One Book

The New Testament Adventure Class will be offered again soon. Keep checking this Website to find out when or email us to make sure you are on our mailing list, that way you'll be notified each time we hold a class or event.  Cost of the class is $25 per student.



How to have a New Testament Adventure with your church or group: In order to conduct this class for your church or group (Ten 1 1/2 hour sessions) we must have at least 40 students enrolled at a cost of $25 for each student. We will conduct the class for groups smaller than 40 students at a flat rate of $1,000.

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