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The Day of Atonement Worship Service



The Day of Atonement Worship Service provides a unique worship experience for your church using our full-sized replica of the Ark of the Covenant and the events of the Day of Atonement as a backdrop for a fuller and deeper understanding of the ministry of Jesus Christ, our High Priest.

























David, a first century Jewish believer explains the Day of Atonement as the High Priest re-enacts the events of the day. This worship service clearly shows that the High Priest and the Day of Atonement are vivid and exciting pictures of Jesus Christ and His ministry on our behalf.


Drama, music, and teachings combine to make this a worshipful learning experience.



To schedule a Day of Atonement Service or to get more details: Use the Contact Us button at the top of this page



Reaction of Attendee to the Day of Atonement Worship Service


"Please accept this note of thanks for making the "Day of Atonement Service" a tangible experience. We have been studying the tabernacle in our family Bible time, but until our nine year old daughter experienced the Day of Atonement Service, it wasn't nearly as memorable. Seeing a picture of the Ark of the Covenant and a fully-adorned High Priest in a book is nothing compared to the reverence and awe inspiring reality of seeing a life-sized replica of the sacred Ark reverently carried in by priests. Then to watch the High Priest reverently shed his breastplate and head piece and High Priestly robes to symbolize Jesus laying down His glory to come to earth to make His perfect salvation available for us is so descriptive, and it is also a great reminder of what has been done for us through Jesus Christ, our High Priest. The Scriptures are SO rich with meaning. I think my daughter is beginning to understand how connected the OT and NT are, and that God is not just a great teller of OT stories. The entire bible points to our loving Savior! Thank you for doing such a beautiful rendering of the Jewish high holiday which is really a wonderful picture of His great love for all of us."


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