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Safety Traveling in Israel



I am often asked if it is really safe to go to Israel.  Or someone will say to me, "I'm not going to Israel, bombs go off there!"


The truth of the matter is, it is perfectly safe to go to Israel.  In fact, statistics say that being in Israel is safer that being in most US cities!! From 2000 to 2002 there was an Arab uprising in Israel. Many tours cancelled. They cancelled not because they felt it was unsafe to go to Israel, but because many of the people who had signed up for their tours got nervous and cancelled, leaving them with not enough people to make the trip financially possible.


Go to Israel with Ron took a tour in both 2001 and 2002.  None of the folks who went with us those years felt in danger at any time, if fact, they wondered why people were afraid to come to Israel!!


The few incidents that do take place in Israel (about 99.9%) never happen in any of the places that we travel in Israel. And most of them happen in a very contained, small areas in the occupied territories. The few and rare remaining incidents do occasionally happen in areas where we travel from time to time.  But to not go to Israel because of this is like saying "Last week someone got killed in Detroit, so I'm not going to Michigan!"


Sometimes when people express their concerns about the safety of traveling to Israel, I say in a very concerned voice, "Did you hear what happened in Israel today?"


They will respond, "No, what happened!" in an equally concerned manner.


Then I reply, "I heard that people in Israel went to work today, and kids went to school, some of the people went shopping, and still others sat on the beach! And it's even more remarkable what the tourists did! They visited biblical sites, slept in the hotels, bought souvenirs, and ate great food!"


In all of our trips to Israel, your safety is our utmost concern. We are not going to take you there if we know the situation to be unsafe!  Believe me, we keep informed and we know Israel.


Tourist travel to Israel has been at an all time high.  The since the year 2009 tourism has increased every year, with no tourists being involved in any incidents.


Here's an interesting true story told by a business traveler:


"My recent visit to Israel was one week in duration. Since I did not enter the West Bank or Gaza, my combined probability of dying from either terrorism or a car crash on this visit equaled 1.7 in one million.

Had I canceled my visit to Israel, I would have instead enjoyed a 2.8 in one million chance of being killed
just in a motor vehicle accident at home. In other words, for those keeping score, my death risk would have been 65 percent higher in the US than in Israel."


Edward H Kaplan, Writing to the Jerusalem Post Newspaper



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