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The Tabernacle Model





















Bigger is better!!  Detailed is better!!


We've got it--a really big and really detailed model of the Old Testament Tabernacle


On our model, the outer court of the Tabernacle measures 10 feet by 20 feet.


You will be able to walk right up and look inside of this magnificent scale model of the Tabernacle.


Ron Reynolds, the Executive Director/Instructor of Biblical Learning Center is available to present a full explanation of the Tabernacle and it's meaning as a picture of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.



You can schedule to have the Tabernacle model at your church or group. Rental prices are subject to the length of time the model will be on display. The minimal rental price is $150 plus mileage for all trips needed to deliver and pick up the model. (Mileage charge applies only to venues outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan) The additional cost of a detailed presentation of the model by Ron Reynolds is an additional $150 


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