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The Sabbath Ceremony


 Here is something really unique!



We show you how to use a Jewish Sabbath Ceremony to create a relaxing,

worshipful evening designed to give you a new, exciting and effective

way to share your faith and commitment to Christ with those you love.



The evening will equip you with all of the information you need to conduct

your own Sabbath Ceremony for your family and friends. The Sabbath

Ceremony will teach you how to share the passion of your faith with those

you love, and how to share with them your desire that they have a close

personal relationship with Jesus Christ!



A full Sabbath meal is served for the event and each attendee receives

copies of the Sabbath Ceremony booklets that will enable them to

present the Sabbath Ceremony to their family and friends.



It is an enjoyable time of training where you actually experience the

ceremony and enjoy a wonderful time of worship while you learn.



How to have a Sabbath Ceremony for your church or group: In order to conduct this event for your church or group we must have 25 attendees.  The cost per person is $25 if we supply the meal and $15 per person if your church or group provides the meal.  We will conduct the event for groups smaller than 25 persons for a flat rate of $625 if we provide the meal or $375 if your church or group provides the meal. A mileage charge may also apply for groups more than 50 miles from Grand Rapids, MI.


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