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Why Go to Israel with Ron?















Ron and his wife Becky lived in Israel for an entire year while Ron did graduate work in Jerusalem. Therefore Ron does not just hold nuggets of information about Israel like an encyclopedia; he intimately knows Israel like he would know a personal friend; and he knows how to combine a tour of Israel and the Scriptures.


When you venture to Israel with Ron, you will receive four pre-trip educational classes that will prepare you to get the most possible from your experience. You will also receive a tour book personally put together by Ron and Becky; it gets rave reviews from our tour members. Then there's also the fact that Ron takes a maximum of 18 people per trip. As a result, you have the opportunity to ask questions and the time needed to take that "special picture." You'll go places and see things that other tours don't see and you will see more in one day than most tours see in three. Don't forget, you get 16 days!!! 


And that's at the cost of most 10 day tours!







"The trip gets more fun and more interesting every day. Ron is very knowledgeable abut the Jewish people, their culture, and the land of Israel. If you want to go to Israel, I highly recommend that you go with Ron. It was a great trip! Don't wait until you are in your rocking chair to go. There is so much to see and do. Pack you bags and energy vitamins and get signed up. You will have a ball"    

    Mary G.



"So many thanks for a wonderful trip to Israel! I appreciated, besides the sites, your leadership

and fellowship. There are a number of options for touring Israel. I would highly recommend

going with Ron. The tour is superbly run, very informative, great fun, affording many more

opportunities for sightseeing that the average tour, it's a great way to fellowship in Christ around

the history and truths that matter for eternity." 

    Dr. Tim Trumper, Former Senior Pastor, 7th Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI


"I have traveled all over the world and  your trips are the most fun! I would recommend Go to Israel with Ron to anyone."

    Nate K.  (Nate has gone to Israel with Ron three times!)




"I appreciated how very much we saw and experienced everyday on this trip. The use of Scripture at

each site was especially inspirational. Having been to Israel once  before with another ministry, this

trip was more thorough and comprehensive compared to my first visit; I'm so glad I went!"

    Lois D.



"This trip exceeded my expectations in every way. It was an exceptional learning experience. The best tour is a Go to Israel with Ron tour; it goes where tour buses don't go."

    Dick T.

"Ron & Becky's enthusiasm for Israel is contagious and adds much to a superb trip."

    Nancy T.



"Our family had one of the most memorable trips of my life! The kids will forever be changed as

will we. Thanks for putting your heart into this, thanks for serving us so well. Ron, your

knowledge and style really kept us involved. I'm so glad we went with a deep rooted believer."

    Steve W.



"I had wanted to go to Israel for a very long time. Your knowledge of the Bible, of Jewish culture, and of Israel made my dream come true. I truly enjoyed the trip. I had no idea before I met you that you would be such an enthusiastic guide and teacher. That was a bonus. Your love of God, His Word, and Israel is readily apparent to all who get to know you. Ron and Becky, you are a great team, working together to give each person in your group an unbelievable exciting experience."

    Cathie N.



"The hotels were great; right in the middle of things, you could walk around town and I always felt

safe! I thought the trip was fabulous, you did a great job on variety and filling our days. I can see

why people repeat the trip. Wish I could go again?  Maybe??"

    Dee V. (Dee has now made her second trip to Israel with Ron)



"This was an exceptional trip. The organization was excellent. Ron's on-site discussions were first rate; he clearly has a passion for Israel! I enjoyed the small group size that allowed for a lot of interaction. I would enthusiastically recommend this trip to anyone with an interest in the Holy Land!!! Well worth it!!!

    Dave O.



"This was the trip of a lifetime. I think about parts of this trip on a daily basis. Not only was this

a great educational experience, it was super fun!"

    Brenda H.


"Ron, you know your history! I appreciated you knowledge and obvious love of the country and the people. Great food by the way!"

    Esther W.



"Good balance between Biblical culture and fun things to do. A great trip to Israel for those looking 

go back, but also a trip where a person who will never return to Israel can say they "saw Israel""

    Mary P.



"Ron's a good guy who knows a bazillion things about every place we went. The trip was "Perfect"! I loved every day."

    Ben (Age 15)



"I am so glad that I took this trip! It was absolutely wonderful and I learned so much about

the Jewish people and their customs. The trip was excellent, with an excellent guide-Ron!"

    Dee L.



"This trip made the Bible come alive. Loved the tour book, it kept us informed."

    Gladys W.




"This was a life changing trip for our family! Everything was wonderful. Ron was a great tour guide.

We will never read the Bible the same."

    Lourdes W.



"It is ideal to have a host who knows the land and loves its people. It is essential to have a host who knows the King! Ron is that perfect host. You will never be the same once you walk where Jesus walked."

    Susie O.




 "I appreciated the wide variety of experiences; from ruins to nature walks; from hiking to

relaxing in a lake or pool; from a picnic to nice restaurants; from serious conversation to

hilarity! Ron & Becky are great hosts and guides--everything was well planned and organized.

I would encourage anyone to take the trip to Israel with them."

    Sherri H.



"I loved it all! I especially loved the guide book, it is a great help."

    Melinda K.  (Melinda has now gone to Israel with Ron twice!)






"Ron is a great teacher/leader! The knowledge that he carries and delivers is priceless!

Ron and Becky make a great team, we laughed, we cried, we shaped great memories!

The trip of a lifetime!!!"

    Nancy K.


"Every detail helped me understand more. It was an awesome trip. Thanks Ron!"

    Pat I.





"I appreciate the small group; easy in and out of places. Loved the picnics as well a the wonderful

local restaurants. Ron wants you to see everything and does his best to make this happen. Ron

patiently explains it all!"

    Ruth W.



"The trip was really good and fun, and the food was super good!"

    Luke  (Age 13)





"Ron was a real inspiration on the trip. Ron and Becky brought a smile to my face. This trip got me back into the Bible to review where I had been."

    Walt I.




"The trip was great! I would love to go with you every time you book a tour."

    Steve P.  (Steve has now gone to Israel with Ron twice!)




"Your instruction during the trip is a 10!"

    Terri D.  (Terri has now gone to Israel with Ron twice!)





"The guide book you provided gave me a preview of each day. Loved the trip!"

    Kendall L.




"The trip was well planned and executed. I loved being with a small group. We were given enough details to plan for the day but was not overloaded with info. I loved spending so much time in Jerusalem. All of my expectations were met."

    Pat V.



"This trip exceeded all of my expectations."

    Jan D.





"Ron & Becky, thanks for a great trip! I appreciate you showing us so much of the country; Great Job!"







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Go to Israel with Ron is conducted independent of Biblical Learning Center by Ron and Becky Reynolds

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