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Lessons for Life


Ron Reynolds, Executive Director/Instructor of Biblical Learning Center is available for speaking engagements or pulpit fill at your Church or group. These single speaking opportunities provide a great way for you to gain an introduction to the ministry of Biblical Learning Center.


To schedule Ron to speak at your church or group: Please use the Contact Us button at the top of this page.



Topics Include but are not limited to:



Preferences, Convictions, and Absolutes


In this presentation these terms are defined as they relate to Scripture. We explore our habit of living by preferences instead of convictions and absolutes; our habit of building convictions on opinion rather than on the Scriptures; and our propensity to either ignoring many of the Absolutes of Scripture, or not holding them as truly absolute.


The Man in the Middle


Through the study of the life of Isaac (the man in the middle between Abraham and Jacob) and the genealogy of an American Christian family, we discover how we can be significant everyday in the lives of those around us. Emphasis is placed on the biblical principle of being faithful in passing on correct spiritual values and principles.


The Fringe of His Garment


A reveling look at the healing power of Jesus as predicted in the Old Testament. Discover the 1st Century Jewish understanding of the fringe of the garment and realize new insights into why the woman wanted to touch the hem of Jesus garment, and what she was declaring to those around her as she did so.


Becoming a Priest of the Most High God


An Old Testament study discovering how a man from the tribe of Levi qualified to become a priest of the most High God is linked and contrasted to the New Testament concept that we as believers are to be priests and serve God.


Abraham Helps God


An engaging look at our own tendencies to get ahead of God and attempt to fulfill His promises without His help. We see Abraham acts the way we seem to act, and yet was known as a friend of God.

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