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The Jewish Culture of Jesus Class


This course (five 1-hour sessions) showcases the Jewish culture of the Bible as

a valuable resource that believers can utilize to better understand both the life

and teachings of Jesus Christ and the writings of the New Testament authors.




            Session 1 Looking at the Scriptures as a Whole


                  Session 2 The Jewish Life of Jesus


                        Session 3 Jesus the Jewish Teacher


                              Session 4 The Jewish Observance of Jesus


                                    Session 5 The Jewish Theology of Jesus




The Jewish Culture of Jesus Class will be offered again soon. Keep checking this Website to find out when or email us to make sure you are on our mailing list, that way you'll be notified each time we hold a class or event.  Cost of the class is $25 per student.


How to have a Jewish Culture of Jesus Class with your church or group: In order to conduct this class for your church or group we must have at least 40 students enrolled at a cost of $25 for each student.  We will conduct the class for groups smaller than 40 students at a flat rate of $1,000.


Student Reactions to the Jewish Culture of Jesus Class

"This class helped me to see why certain things are written in the Bible the way they are, they make more sense when you understand the background. It makes the Bible come alive. To me, it was a very exciting class."


"Everyone should take this class. The events and stories in the New Testament are so much more understandable when the customs and beliefs of the Old Testament, many of which the Jews of today still observe, are mad clear. Fascinating class-the hour flies by before you have learned enough! Ron, your love of the Lord and your love of teaching make this class packed with information and just plain fun! Hated to see it end."


"Before this class, I had never really experienced Jesus in His culture. Knowing the Jewish culture of His day really opened my eyes to His teachings and life. I'm excited to keep on learning. These lessons have spurred me on to want to study the Scriptures more."


A pastor writes, "Fresh insights into background knowledge of Scripture. Especially valuable is the establishment of grace in the Old Testament as the foundation for the New Testament.  The Humanness of Jesus in His Jewish culture was made more real."


"Everything was so interesting. Many things that I have read before take on a new meaning after learning about the Jewish culture of the Bible."


"It packs a lot into five sessions. My mother was visiting me for a month from India and thoroughly enjoyed the class. I like all of the Scripture references in the notes."


"This class was so much more than I expected!  It was great!" 


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