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An Old Testament Adventure




                        This course helps one understand that the


                   Old Testament and New Testament are in reality 


                        "One Story, One Book"


  The course stresses that the plan of salvation is now, and always has been


            "Salvation through Jesus Christ alone"

     Students will be excited and motivated to get into the Word of God

                            and the course will build your faith.


            Every Believer should take this course!





     Session 1 Introduction & Course Overview


          Session 2 Details, Details, Details


               Session 3 Details, Details, Details--con't.


                    Session 4 Who Wrote it, to Whom, When, Where, & Why


                         Session 5 How Hebrew Helps


                              Session 6 The Feasts of Israel


                                   Session 7 Crunching the Numbers


                                        Session 8 The Land & the Book


                                             Session 9 Tradition, Culture, and Objects that Teach


                                                  Session 10 Pictures of Jesus


                                                       Session 11 He is who He says He is


                                                            Session 12 One Story, One Book

The Old Testament Adventure Class will be offered again soon. Keep checking this Website to find out when or email us to make sure you are on our mailing list, that way you'll be notified each time we hold a class or event.  Cost of the class is $25 per student.



How to have an Old Testament Adventure with your church or group: In order to conduct this class for your church or group (Twelve 1-½ hour sessions) we must have at least 40 students enrolled at a cost of $25 for each student. We will conduct the class for groups smaller than 40 students at a flat rate of $1,000.



Student Reactions to An Old Testament Adventure


"This class is mind blowing! The many parallels between the OT and the NT will stir you to dig deeper into the OT to help you understand the NT with fresh eyes. Ron's insight, knowledge and humor make this class a real treat. If you want a better understanding of the Bible as 'One Story, One Book' who Jesus is, and the power of God--take this class!! The class has provided so many moments of 'No Way' and 'I never put those two things together before' that my drive to get into God's word has been stoked to a fire. Even if you think you know the Bible, this class will give you new insights and a passion to view the Bible as 'One Story, One Book.'"


"There are no simple words to describe this class. First, Ron is so knowledgeable and funny! You will not fall asleep! You will learn so much about the country, the culture, the language and the people of the Bible. I would recommend this class to everyone. You will love it!"


"This class is fantastic. My appreciation for the Old Testament has grown so much. I used to think the OT had little application and importance in my life, but through this class, I have learned how present Jesus is in the entire OT. More importantly, Ron shared so many insights and so much knowledge about Jewish culture and God's chosen nation of Israel that now I see Jesus' life and ministry completely differently. I can't wait to visit Israel and experience everything Ron has taught us. I recommend this class to everyone, regardless of how long you've been a follower of Jesus, because you will walk away every week in amazement, I certainly have!"    (This is written by an 18 year old who took the class)


"This class helped me connect the Old Testament and the New Testament. It was a fantastic study and it truly was an adventure."


"The information presented in this class is unlike that presented in any other course I have every taken, either in college or in church. Ron's knowledge of Old Testament Hebrew and the Jewish cultural practices is unique and informative. Old Testament Adventure will help anyone get to know the Jewish people and more importantly, our Jewish Messiah in a way he or she has never understood them before."


"I have always heard that the Bible is God's love letter to us-you have shown me things about His love I never knew-you have helped open my mind to His. This class has rekindled a fire in me for the Old Testament that I'm sure was only a spark! You have shown me the connection and importance of knowing the Old Testament so that I can better understand the New Testament."


"I have been to many Bible studies and courses in my lifetime, but none like this. You connected the Old and New Testaments so that we have one book showing that God never changes."


"I took the twelve week course entitled An Old Testament Adventure-One Story, One Book. This class was indeed an adventure. I learned quite quickly that Ron is a man of God, one who is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable not only about the Bible but about Jewish culture as well. I looked forward to each class!  The class wove the Jewish culture of the times into an understanding of the Bible. As a result, I am reading God's word in a completely new way."


"Very organized course materials. The class becomes a guided tour of the cultural underpinnings, language, fun facts, profound theological pearls, and wisdom found in the Old Testament; all the while emphasizing the "One Story, One Book" relationship between the Old and New Testaments. Thanks Ron!!"


"This class has been incredible; there has been so much I have learned and I can see why people take the class more than once. Ron, your enthusiasm is contagious and I'm glad to say that I've caught it!"


"I was raised in a Christian home with good bible teaching at church. My beliefs/values, though good and Biblical, were nicely "boxed" and I found that this course challenged me to actually THINK and search the Bible in order to see why I believe what I believe. It takes the fear out of sharing my faith."


"A variety of interesting and helpful topics which makes it very clear that the Old Testament and New Testament are, 'One Story, One Book.'"


"Jesus becomes real. God's power becomes real. The Bible becomes easier to understand and to read. This class has made me excited and passionate to learn more about God's Word and to share it with others."

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