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         Ron Reynolds

Executive Director/Instructor



Ron is a graduate of Fort Wayne Bible College with a degree in Pastoral Ministries. After several years as a Youth Pastor in northern Indiana, Ron and his wife Becky moved to Jerusalem, Israel for a year of graduate study at the American Institute of Holy Land Studies. While at the Institute Ron traveled the country extensively, studied Biblical background materials, and learned Hebrew. During their time in Israel Ron and Becky lived in a religious Jewish section of Jerusalem and became close friends with their Jewish Rabbi neighbor and his wife.



In 2003 Ron founded Biblical Learning Center, a teaching ministry offering classes and events that help enhance the believer's understanding of and desire to study the Scriptures.



The combination of his academic work, his exposure to the Jewish culture, his understanding of Jewish teachings, and his years of continued in-depth study provides Ron with a unique teaching style and message. His teaching emphasizes the study of the Old Testament Scripture, first century Jewish culture, and historical source materials as a means to better understanding the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament writers.



Each year Ron and Becky lead a 16 day tour of Israel designed for groups of no more than 18 people at a time. Check out the "Go to Israel with Ron" button at the top of this page for more information about these trips.



Ron has developed a deep love for the country of Israel, the Jewish people and the study of the Scriptures. It is his desire to pass these loves on to believers everywhere through the ministry of Biblical Learning Center.


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