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The Mezuzah Ceremony



Religious Jewish households affix a Mezuzah to the doorposts of their homes in obedience to the biblical command to "write them (the commandments of the LORD) on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates." (Deut. 6:9) 


In this training session you will learn why and how this is done. Then, you'll discover how believers can use these ideas and principles to impress the importance of the Scriptures on their family and friends in a new and unique way.


The lesson for your family and friends will be, "We have dedicated ourselves, all of you, and our home to the the Lord Jesus Christ."


The Mezuzah Ceremony will teach you an exciting and effective way to share your faith and commitment to Christ with those you love.


Each attendee receives copies of the Mezuzah Ceremony booklets that will enable them to present the Mezuzah Ceremony to their family and friends.


How to have a Mezuzah Ceremony with your church or group:  In order to conduct this session for your church or group we must have 15 attendees enrolled.  The cost for each attendee is $20. We will do the Mezuzah Ceremony for groups smaller than 20 attendees for a flat rate of $300. A mileage charge may also apply for groups more than 50 miles from Grand Rapids, MI.


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